SoCal Solar Power – The Best Solar Panel Installers in the San Diego Area

Unlike in other parts of the country, solar energy in the San Diego area is booming. It is a proven solution for many households with expensive electricity bills. It is also a great way to help the environment. But how do we get started? Here are some tips to help you get started. And remember that solar power doesn’t need to be expensive, so you can afford it. Listed below are some of the best solar companies in SoCal to choose from.

SoCal Solar Energy, Inc. is a San Diego-based company that has been in business since the late 1970s. James Pieratt, the company’s owner, has thirty years of experience as a commercial and residential electrical contractor and is a Certified Energy Manager. His team has been in the solar PV industry since 1999. In fact, the first California solar panel system was installed in the area in 1999. SoCal Solar Power is a great option for a home that needs a solar panel.

The company has been in business since 1999, and it began as an electrical contractor in the late 1970s. Founder James Pieratt is a Certified Energy Manager and has worked for 30 years in the electrical industry. The company has been in the solar PV business since 1999. SoCal Solar Power is one of the top providers in California and is an excellent choice for any home or business. They offer professional consultations, free estimates, and full system design and customization. They’ll also install and power up your new solar energy system. Finally, they’ll lock in equipment rates for their customers, which makes solar power even more affordable.

SoCal Solar Energy, Inc. is located in Orange County and San Bernandino County. They are certified by the California Energy Commission and SolarWorld. They are a leading manufacturer of solar modules and scaleable solar systems. The company has been in the solar industry since 1999, and is committed to helping people in the developing world. SoCal Solar Power can help you get started. You can save money, the environment, and the planet by going green. The best part? It’s affordable. SoCal Solar Power will provide you with a quote.

While the cost of solar panels in the San Diego area is still very low, it’s important to compare prices. There are different policies for the two utilities. While some utilities don’t require their solar customers to enroll in time-of-use rates, others use TOU rates. If you’re a homeowner in the Los Angeles area, you can save more money by using distributed solar power. You’ll also be helping the environment by using renewable energy.

SoCal Solar Energy, Inc. is a local solar power company in Southern California. The company was previously known as SoCal Electrical Contractor. The founder, James Pieratt, has over 30 years of experience in the electrical industry and is a Certified Energy Manager. He’s been in the marketing of solar PV systems since 1999, and is a reliable company in the region. If you’re a homeowner in the South Bay, it’s worth a try!

Despite its name, the company’s history is impressive. Founded in the 1970s, it is an electrical contractor with decades of experience. The company’s president, James Pieratt, has been in the solar industry since 1999. He has a background in electrical construction and is a Certified Energy Manager. SoCal Solar Power is a highly-rated company and has a long history of quality customer service. Its staff members are knowledgeable about solar energy and its benefits.

SoCal Solar Power is a leader in residential solar power systems and solar photovoltaic energy. They sell everything from 5 kilowatts to a megawatt. They have experience with large-scale solar electric generation. Its staff of engineers is highly trained in designing, manufacturing, and installing any kind of solar power system in any home or business in California. And with a growing number of companies offering home solar electricity in the San Diego area, SoCal is the place to be.

SoCal is a good place for solar energy. There are many benefits to using solar energy in the San Diego area. It is a cost-effective alternative. SoCal has plenty of sunny days, making it an ideal location to install a solar farm. This type of energy is a good investment for homeowners and the environment. In addition to saving money, you can also help the environment by switching to solar energy. SoCal Solar Power is a great solution for your home or business.

Save Energy Using Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way to save money on your electricity bill. They work by collecting the energy from the sun and sending it back to the power grid. This excess energy is often used to offset the amount of electricity that your home uses each month. This can lower your monthly electric bill by several hundred dollars. The solar panels are available in a variety of sizes and will suit any home. For more information, visit the solar panel installation page. SoCal Solar Power

It is important to understand the benefits of solar energy and how it benefits you and your family. The average household’s electricity use is about 11,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year. This figure doesn’t account for the many other energy-related costs, such as electricity bills and water use. While solar panels provide a great way to cut your energy bills, they’re not perfect. Some are more expensive than others.

Solar energy is clean and pure, which reduces greenhouse gases and reduces over-dependence on fossil fuels. A 6 kW solar panel system could offset the emissions of a single fossil fuel car for an entire year. In addition to reducing your bill, you’ll be saving the environment. It’s easy to see that solar energy is an excellent way to start saving money on your power bill. A solar panel installation can help you save money on your energy bill and do your part for the environment.

If you want to save money on your electricity bills, you can install solar panels on your roof. The technology is more affordable than you think, and the payback period is only two to three years. In most cases, you won’t even have to tell your energy company that you’re using solar energy for your energy. However, you can shop around to find a competitive tariff and ensure that your system is compatible with your home’s roof.

Solar panels are a fantastic way to save money on your energy bills. If you have a large roof, you can install a roof-mounted system that covers your entire energy needs. Additionally, you’ll also reduce pollution and save money on your power bill. Furthermore, solar energy will help the environment as well as your wallet. Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll be saving money while protecting the environment.

It is important to note that the solar panels can increase your electricity bill by up to 20%. The amount of energy generated by solar panels depends on the angle and amount of sunlight hitting the panel. Proper installation will help you capture as much sunlight as possible. Make sure you have plenty of sunlight to avoid damaging your roof. Then, make sure you install a solar panel on your roof. Then, you’ll be able to save money on your electric bill for years to come.

You can save energy by installing a solar panel on your roof. The cost of solar electricity is relatively low, but the payback time depends on the angle of the panels. A solar panel with a 15 degree tilt will maximize the amount of sunlight that it gets. During the daytime, you can even get free electricity from the sun. It is a win-win situation for everyone. The savings you can make with a solar panel will last for decades.

When it comes to solar panels, you will be able to save a lot of money on your power bill. Since solar panels are a great way to save energy, you’ll also be saving money on your power bills. The savings you can achieve with a solar panel will be significant. You’ll also be able to use the panels to power appliances at night. A few simple changes can reduce your power bill and lower your monthly expenses.

Once you install solar panels on your roof, you’ll receive an electric bill from the utility every month. The amount of energy you get from solar panels depends on the angle and the amount of light hitting the panels. During the day, the sun will hit the panels at the right angles. If you have the right angle, you can maximize the efficiency of solar panels. But it’s essential to consider the cost before you make the purchase.

What You Need to Know About 3D Number Plates

The first thing you need to know about 3D Number Plates is that you can legally customize them. You should be aware of some of the misconceptions about 3D number plates, so you can avoid them. For example, you can’t add your own slogan on your number plate, but you can add slogans anywhere on your car. Before going about this, you should check out the government regulations in your country, as breaking the rules can have some consequences.

Number Plate Maker

There are strict regulations about these plates, so it is important to follow them to ensure you get one. The lettering is fixed, so you cannot change it. This is not possible with 3D Number Plates because of the font on them. However, you can customize the design of your plate. If you have two-tone letters, you can change the lettering style and still get a 3D look. You can even get a number plate that has a gradient finish.

There are several advantages of 3D number plates. They are legal, highly visible, and offer a unique way to personalise your car. The spacing between the lettering is completely up to you, but you must keep in mind that the government has strict regulations about legibility. If you want your number plate to be larger than the rest of the car, it is important to know that you can adjust the spacing of the letters.

Although 3D Number Plates are a legal way to personalise your car, you should be sure to check the laws before you decide to get one for your own vehicle. You’ll be able to get a number plate that looks just like you want it to look. It’s important to be careful to choose the right font color and spacing, as this can affect the quality of the letters. You’ll have to make sure the letters are not too close together.

The first thing to consider is the legality. It is important to remember that 3D number plates are fully legal, and you can install them without any trouble. The installation process is simple and straightforward. And once you’ve installed the plates, you’ll be able to enjoy a new style for your car. You’ll be proud to drive your car and receive smiles from the people who appreciate the sophistication of your car.

Another advantage of these plates is that they are 100% road legal. This means that you can legally get the numbers printed on your car, even if you don’t have any other custom numbers on your vehicle. The best part is that these plates can be customized for any kind of vehicle. They are easy to fit onto your car, and they’ll look great on your car! There are many other benefits to getting a 3D Number Plate for your car.

Unlike a traditional number plate, 3D Number Plates are easy to read and are made to look stunning. The letters are raised, giving them a 3D effect. In addition, you can even customize the font for your number plate if you want. Just make sure that you follow all the rules set by the government, because you don’t want to end up in trouble with the law! You don’t want to be caught breaking any of these laws, so don’t forget to take a moment to check the regulations.

The new number plates are required to meet tougher regulations to avoid damage from road debris. They also have to meet tougher requirements. For example, a 3D number plate can’t have two-tone lettering, which will make it difficult for ANPR cameras to read the registration numbers. Besides that, the new laws also require that the lettering be visible in bright sunlight. Moreover, the DVLA regulations on number plates make the design of the plate more attractive.

These new 3D Number Plates have certain limitations. The font must be fixed. If you’re using a three-dimensional font, you can use the existing lettering to change the font. But it’s important to remember that the font is only a part of the plate’s design. It’s not an option. There are a lot of other rules, so you should follow the rules and regulations for a new type of plate.

Czy Bitcoin Code jest bezpieczny?

Tak. Giełda kryptowalut Bitcoin Code jest uważana za jedną z najbezpieczniejszych działających obecnie. Bitcoin Code wykorzystuje najnowsze zabezpieczenia, w tym uwierzytelnianie dwuskładnikowe i blokady ustawień globalnych.

Bitcoin Code został oskarżony o zhakowanie w 2016 roku z powodu brakujących funduszy. Jednak witryna była w stanie udowodnić, że nigdy nie została naruszona, a brakujące fundusze były wynikiem phishingu i ataków man-in-the-middle. Podkreśla to znaczenie utrzymywania przez osoby fizyczne dobrych praktyk w zakresie bezpieczeństwa kryptowalut.

Więcej informacji na ten temat można znaleźć tutaj:

Chociaż giełda kryptowalut Bitcoin Code jest jedną z największych na świecie, nigdy nie została skutecznie zhakowana. Ważne jest, aby pamiętać, że żadna giełda nie jest w 100% bezpieczna i zawsze zaleca się przechowywanie dużych ilości kryptowalut we własnym portfelu kryptowalutowym.

Czy Bitcoin Code ma dobrą obsługę klienta?

Jeśli zapoznasz się z przeciętną recenzją giełdy Bitcoin Code, z pewnością ucieszy Cię fakt, że obsługa klienta jest często wymieniana jako jedna z najlepszych cech serwisu.

Pomaga w tym fakt, że Bitcoin Code jest jedną z jedynych giełd kryptowalut, która oferuje linię telefoniczną pomocy technicznej, dzięki czemu możesz porozmawiać z prawdziwą osobą. Można się z nimi skontaktować od poniedziałku do piątku w godzinach od 6 do 18 EST. Bitcoin Code oferuje również zwykły bilet wsparcia za pośrednictwem systemu poczty elektronicznej, jeśli wolisz napisać pytanie.

Wreszcie, Bitcoin Code posiada wysokiej jakości czat na żywo, dostępny 24 godziny na dobę, 7 dni w tygodniu, a pomocne może być nawet konto Bitcoin Code na Twitterze.

Czy opłaty za korzystanie z platformy Bitcoin Code są niskie?

Opłaty na Bitcoin Code zmieniają się w zależności od tego, jak często handlujesz w danym miesiącu.

W niektórych sytuacjach opłaty transakcyjne mogą sięgać nawet 0%. Bitcoin Code stosuje model opłat maklerskich, w którym opłaty dla maklerów są niższe niż opłaty dla biorców. Opłaty maklerskie są nieco wyższe na rynkach stablecoin. Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, Bitcoin Code jest uważany za giełdę o jednych z najniższych opłat w przypadku regulowanej giełdy kryptowalut.

Porównanie Bitcoin Code

Przyjrzeliśmy się, jak Bitcoin Code wypada w porównaniu z wieloma alternatywnymi giełdami. Znajdź nasze najpopularniejsze z nich poniżej:

  • Bitcoin Code vs Coinbase
  • Bitcoin Code vs Binance
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Bitcoin Code – najczęściej zadawane pytania

Czy Bitcoin Code jest dobry dla początkujących?

Bitcoin Code może nie być najlepszą opcją dla początkujących użytkowników kryptowalut, którzy nie są zainteresowani regularnym handlem, ale giełda ta jest dobra dla tych, którzy chcą po raz pierwszy zacząć handlować. Poziom obsługi klienta oferowany przez giełdę jest wyjątkowy, a giełda pomaga tym, którzy nie znają terminologii handlowej, w rozpoczęciu handlu. Dodatkowo, nawet ci, którzy nie są zaznajomieni z funkcjonowaniem kryptowalut, będą mogli skorzystać z ulepszonych funkcji bezpieczeństwa Bitcoin Code.

Une fortune de 2,7 milliards de dollars en bitcoins: les responsables ukrainiens sur la sellette

Le samedi 4 octobre 2021, des représentants du gouvernement ukrainien ont révélé les milliards de dollars hallucinants qu’ils détiendraient sous forme de bitcoins. Les données recueillies auprès de 791 872 fonctionnaires, dont les 652 détenteurs de crypto-monnaies, montrent à quel point les actifs numériques sont populaires en Ukraine.

Les rapports d’, un site d’analyse ukrainien, indiquent que 46 351 bitcoins s’accumulent dans les déclarations de patrimoine des fonctionnaires ukrainiens. Le graphique suivant donne un aperçu du classement des crypto-monnaies et du nombre de fonctionnaires qui possèdent ces actifs numériques.

Détails des actifs numériques détenus

Nom du bien numérique Nombre de fonctionnaires du gouvernement Pourcentage (%)
BTC 398 61
ETH 157 24
LTC 27 4.3
ADA 19 2.8
XLM 19 2.8
Money 14 2.0
iota 10 1.4
BCH 9 1.4
BTG 1 0.3
Total 652 100

Les données révèlent en outre que Vyacheslav Mishalov, un député du conseil municipal, possède 18 000 BTC (soit plus d’un milliard de dollars US), ce qui représente le montant le plus élevé de la liste. Les autres fonctionnaires les mieux classés appartiendraient à la police nationale, au conseil municipal et au ministère de la défense.

Un autre employé de haut rang travaillant au ministère du pétrole possède, avec sa femme, 6542 BTC.

À la suite de ces déclarations, Mykhailo Fedorov, le ministre de la transformation numérique, a salué ce geste, notant que les Ukrainiens, en particulier les fonctionnaires, sont devenus plus clairvoyants et progressistes.

L’autorité anti-corruption met en doute les conclusions d’Opendata

Cependant, le Département d’inspection obligatoire et l’Agence nationale de lutte contre la corruption ont eu le sentiment d’avoir été trompés. Ils ont noté que certains fonctionnaires leur ont fourni des données trompeuses tandis que d’autres ont cité des erreurs de remplissage.

Sergiy Petukhov, l’un des responsables de l’agence de lutte contre la corruption, a en fait douté de l’authenticité du rapport et a même laissé entendre que toute inexactitude entraînerait des responsabilités pénales ou administratives. Les fonctionnaires ukrainiens sont censés déclarer leur patrimoine via un processus de déclaration de patrimoine visant à éliminer la corruption.

HODLing tidligt fører til problemer i forholdet? Redditors deler deres historier

En bruger omtalte sin mand som „hjernevasket“ over Bitcoin og sagde, at han ødelagde hendes job ved at opdrage krypto ved hendes marketingbegivenheder.

Crypto-investeringer har angiveligt været en kilde til stridigheder i forhold, nogle gange ført til sammenbrud og endda skilsmisse

Ifølge et Reddit-indlæg fra februar 2015 hævdede en daværende 28-årig kvinde, der brugte en smidkonto , at hun var utroligt ked af sin mand, der ikke havde stoppet med at købe Bitcoin Code siden 2013 uden at have konsulteret hende. Hun estimerede, at han havde købt mere end $ 22.000 i kryptoaktivet i de to år forud for posten, da prisen nåede et højdepunkt på mere end $ 1.000, men også dyppede under $ 200.

”Jeg fortsatte med at bede ham sælge, da prisen steg, og han lovede mig et stort år i 2014,” sagde hun. ”Prisen faldt fortsat, og han fortsatte med at købe mere. Han tjener flere penge end jeg, men vi bygger en fremtid sammen, og vi har en delt bankkonto. Han fortsatte med at fortælle mig, at dette var til vores børns college-fond, at købe et hus osv. ”

I de tidlige dage af Bitcoin og crypto, hvor digitale valutaer ofte blev brugt som en løbende vittighed til talkshows og komikere om aftenen , betragtede mange i det mindste at investere i teknologien økonomisk umoden. Nogle mennesker gør det stadig , selv med BTC-prisen på mere end $ 50.000 igen.

Redditor omtalte sin mand som „hjernevasket“ og sagde, at han „frarøvede hende lykke“ og ødelagde hendes job ved at opdrage Bitcoin ved hendes marketingbegivenheder

”Efter et nylig prisnedbrud købte han faktisk mere ved hjælp af vores feriefond, som jeg har sparet væk til og planlagt. Alt væk, i Bitcoin aldrig at blive set igen. ”

Det er uklart, om parret blev sammen efter svaret fra posten, eller om manden solgte noget eller hele Bitcoin for at afhjælpe sin kones økonomiske bekymringer. Brugeren sammenlignede sin ægtefælle med en stofmisbruger og overvejede „at blive på et hotel i et par uger“ for at tænke på, om skilsmisse var en mulighed.

Imidlertid kunne mands tidlige investering let have betalt sig i millioner af dollars med fordelen bagud. Selv under forudsætning af at han købte BTC efter prisstigningen til $ 1.000 i november 2013, ville de 22 mønter nu være mere end 1 million dollars værd.

Fordi historien blev sendt på r / relations-subreddit snarere end en pro-crypto-gruppe som r / Bitcoin eller r / cryptocurrency, opfordrede mange af Redditors brugeren til at adskille sin økonomi og overveje skilsmissesag. Få kryptoentusiaster sprang på tråden for at kommentere, men man forudsagde , at BTC en dag ville være „formuer værd“ og anbefalede, at manden fortsatte til HODL.

En anden historie fra en Redditor efter tyrløbet i 2017 – som bragte mange nybegyndere til kryptorummet – hævdede, at hans kæreste overvejede at bryde op med ham efter „en enorm investering i kryptokurver.“ Imidlertid synes digitale valutaer at have spillet mindre af en rolle i hans historie, da brugeren sagde, at han styrtede ned en bil, mens han kørte fuld og pressede sin betydningsfulde anden til at forlade sit job.

Selvom mange kryptohandlere ved, at prisen på Bitcoin og andre digitale valutaer sandsynligvis fortsat vil være volatil, har vedtagelse og investering fra store virksomheder hjulpet med at skubbe teknologien tættere på mainstream og gjort det tilsyneladende mere ansvarligt for investorer at komme ind på handling tidligere snarere end senere. Shark Tank-stjernen Kevin O’Leary har allerede hævdet at have øget sin andel i Bitcoin, mens kapitalforvaltningsfirmaet Third Point CEO Dan Loeb for nylig sagde, at han havde lavet et „dybt dyk i krypto.“

Ripple désormais enregistrée comme une entreprise

Ripple désormais enregistrée comme une entreprise du Wyoming

„De plus en plus de sociétés de crypto réalisent que le Wyoming est un meilleur domicile que le Delaware en raison de nos lois favorables à la cryptographie“, a déclaré Caitlin Long.

La société Ripple Labs, spécialisée dans les paiements en chaîne, a maintenant enregistré une entreprise dans le Wyoming.

Selon les dossiers du secrétaire d’État du Wyoming, le statut de Ripple Markets WY LLC en tant qu’entreprise locale est indiqué comme „actif“ après un premier dépôt en février 2020. En tant que société à responsabilité limitée dans le Wyoming, l’agent enregistré de Ripple sera Bitcoin Code basé à Cheyenne.

„De plus en plus de sociétés de cryptologie réalisent que le Wyoming est un meilleur domicile que le Delaware en raison de nos lois favorables à la cryptologie“, a déclaré Caitlin Long sur Twitter.

Caitlin Long est PDG de la banque numérique Avanti Bank & Trust et est associée à la commission parlementaire sur la chaîne de distribution, la technologie financière et l’innovation numérique. Elle a déclaré que les sociétés de cryptologie comme Ripple devraient envisager de s’installer dans le Wyoming car l’État n’a pas de taxes sur les sociétés ou les franchises, et les cryptocurrences sont exemptées de la taxe sur la propriété et les ventes.

En outre, il y a la présence de la sénatrice américaine Cynthia Lummis. Le législateur du Wyoming est l’un des premiers à dire que les actifs numériques seront un élément clé de son programme législatif. En réponse à la nouvelle de Ripple, la directrice politique de l’Etat de Lummis a déclaré que de nombreuses personnes étaient „maximalistes sur le Wyoming“.

Le Wyoming est en train de devenir l’un des États

Il ne semble pas que Ripple déménagera son siège social dans cet état favorable à la cryptographie, car son bureau principal est toujours répertorié comme étant celui de San Francisco. Cependant, le co-fondateur de Ripple, Chris Larsen, et le PDG, Brad Garlinghouse, ont tous deux déclaré qu’ils étaient mécontents du manque apparent de clarté réglementaire sur la cryptographie et la chaîne de blocage aux États-Unis.

Le Wyoming est en train de devenir l’un des États américains les plus attrayants pour les entreprises de crypto et de chaînes de blocs. L’année dernière, le Wyoming State Banking Board a accordé à Kraken une charte pour opérer en tant que banque spécialisée dans la cryptographie et a donné à Avanti le feu vert pour recevoir et conserver des données cryptées de la même manière. Dans le sillage de l’achat de Bitcoin (BTC) par Tesla pour 1,5 milliard de dollars au début de ce mois, le sénateur Lummis a invité le PDG Elon Musk à envisager une relocalisation dans l’État.

Der Milliardär sagt, die Zentralbanken würden vor nichts Halt machen, um Bitcoin einzudämmen

Frank Giustra, Milliardär, Investor und Minenfinanzierer, warnt davor, dass Regierungen und Zentralbanken alles tun werden, um den Weg von Bitcoin zur universellen Adoption zu unterdrücken.

In einem Interview von Stansberry Research mit Daniella Cambone weist Giustra darauf hin, dass Zentralbanken, wenn es ihnen gelingt, ihre eigenen digitalen Zentralbankwährungen (CBDCs) auszugeben, wahrscheinlich keine Konkurrenz von Bitcoin wollen.

„Ich bin besonders besorgt darüber, was Regierungen und Zentralbanken tun werden, wenn Bitcoin jemals zu einer Bedrohung, einer echten Bedrohung für ihre eigenen Staatswährungen wird. Wie Sie wissen, erwägen viele Zentralbanken, ihre eigenen digitalen Währungen auszugeben. Und sie werden diesen Wettbewerb dort nicht wollen und sie werden es sehr schwierig machen. Regierungen und Zentralbanken werden es Bitcoin sehr schwer machen, sich allgemein durchzusetzen. Sie werden auf dem Weg Straßensperren setzen. “

Der kanadische Philanthrop verweist einige Male in der Geschichte, als die Behörden Finanzinstrumente einschränkten, um ihre eigenen Pläne voranzutreiben

„Ich denke, dass man die Entschlossenheit von Regierungen und Zentralbanken niemals unterschätzen kann, wenn sie versuchen, ihre Währung zu schützen. Sie haben von Währungs- und Kapitalkontrollen gehört. Sie waren in vielen Ländern, einschließlich den USA, ein Teil unserer Geschichte. Es kam in Form einer illegalen Besitzung von Gold im Jahr 1933, die 40 Jahre dauerte. Das war eine Form der Kapitalkontrolle zum Schutz des US-Dollars. Sie haben es vor 1979 in Großbritannien gesehen, wo es Währungskontrollen gab. Du hast es in Südafrika gesehen. Sie haben es im Vorkriegsdeutschland gesehen. Sie haben es erst 2015 in Griechenland gesehen.

Währungs- und Kapitalkontrollen oder eine Methode, mit der diese Philosophie gegen Bitcoin angewendet werden kann, sind möglich, und das müssen Sie berücksichtigen. “

Giustra geht noch einen Schritt weiter und betont, dass die Zentralbanken Gold besitzen

„[Zentralbanken] besitzen kein Bitcoin. Gold ist ein zentraler Bestandteil ihrer Währungsreserven und wird es immer sein. Wenn sie etwas tun, geben sie ihre eigene digitale Währung aus. Sie werden Bitcoin nicht kaufen, weil sie mit aller Kraft versuchen werden, Bitcoin zu untergraben. “

Während Giustra langfristig einen düsteren Ausblick auf Bitcoin hat, glaubt er, dass die führende Kryptowährung das Potenzial hat, in den kommenden Monaten zu steigen.

„Im Moment befindet sich [Bitcoin] in dieser Manie-Phase, in der es aus diesem Grund aufgekauft wird, dass es irgendwann dieses Stadium erreichen wird, und das mag es auch, aber ich denke, es ist aus einer ganzen Reihe von Gründen ein langer, langer Weg, aber das bedeutet nicht, dass es nicht viel höher gehen wird, was ich persönlich denke. Ich denke, [Bitcoin] wird das tun, was einige dieser Leute vorhersagen, und einen viel höheren Preis erzielen. “

Coinbase invests in US-based mining company amid industry diversification efforts

Titan obtained funding from Coinbase to offer a software package developed in the USA for miners.

Coinbase Ventures, the investment arm of the major crypto-currency exchange, has invested an undisclosed amount in Titan, a Bitcoin industrial mining software and services developer (BTC).

According to Titan’s announcement, the investment will help continue the development of the company’s products and improve the efficiency and profitability of Bitcoin’s mining companies.

Ryan Condron, Titan’s co-founder and chief executive Profit Secret review officer, said: „Mining has advanced from the hobby to the industry to the critical global IT infrastructure, and Titan is ready to help world-class miners meet these challenges.

Increased centralisation in cryptomania was one of the key points at the 2020 Mining and Investment Summit
Titan offers advanced pool and mining software specifically targeted at professional miners based in the US. Its network of mining nodes and panels enables miners to better compete on a global scale, according to the company.

Titan previously launched Titan Pool in partnership with CoinMint and CoreScientific, two major providers of mining infrastructure in the USA. Among the benefits the group offers, Titan cites increased transparency and, more importantly, the resolution of some jurisdictional issues for US miners.

China currently accounts for the vast majority of Bitcoin’s hashrate. The relative dominance can be attributed to a combination of attractive electricity costs and a localised supply chain.

BTC hash rate falls amid migration of miners in China
The Sichuan region is particularly attractive to miners because of its cheap hydroelectric power. Its importance is so pronounced that local seasons have a strong effect on Bitcoin’s hash rate. But cheap electricity is not exclusive to China, as some regions in the US, Canada and Europe are equally competitive.

The mining supply chain, on the other hand, sees a much stronger dominance of Chinese companies. Mining hardware manufacturers are based almost exclusively in China. This gives local miners a powerful advantage in the local field, as there can be difficulties in exporting and importing certain chips and devices. Although the US is catching up in terms of the mining hash rate, which represents 14% of the total, local companies still use Chinese-made devices.

China controls 50% of Bitcoin’s mining, while the United States reaches 14%, a new survey reveals
This can be particularly problematic in today’s geopolitical environment, where the United States actively bans Chinese-made products and services and even prohibits investment in Chinese companies. The mining industry has already begun to respond, with some traders repatriating the hash rate. Although President Trump’s departure may help ease tensions somewhat, some analysts believe that a resumption of relations between the United States and China may not be in sight.

Titan is focusing primarily on the software side of the mining supply chain, offering a national group to bring miners together. There have also been some developments in the local maintenance infrastructure, with Bitmain offering technician certification courses in the US in May 2020.

Interest in diversifying the mining industry away from China’s dominance appears to be high, but full independence is unlikely to be achieved until ASIC manufacturers from other countries intervene.

Morgan Stanley fokussiert auf Bitcoin mit erhöhter Beteiligung an MicroStrategy

Die globale Investmentbank Morgan Stanley erhöht ihren Anteil an MicroStrategy mit dem Erwerb von 650.000 Aktien seit Q3 2020.

Laut einer Einreichung bei der US-Wertpapier- und Börsenaufsichtsbehörde (SEC) besitzt Morgan Stanley jetzt 10,9 % der Aktien von MicroStrategy (792.627). Kryptowährungsanalyst Kevin Rooke sagt, dass die letzte Investition eine 455%ige Steigerung von 142.908 Aktien in Q3, 2020 ist. Die Aktien von MicroStrategy sind seit Anfang des Jahres schnell gestiegen. Bei Redaktionsschluss notiert MSTR bei 531,64 $ (von 425,22 $), obwohl die Citibank die Aktien des Unternehmens kürzlich von Neutral auf Verkaufen herabgestuft hat.

Im Dezember 2020 kaufte MicroStrategy fast 30.000 BTCs (EXANTE: Bitcoin) für 650 Millionen $ in bar. Das Unternehmen kaufte die Kryptowährung zu einem durchschnittlichen Preis von ~$21.925 pro BTC. Bis heute hat der größte Anbieter von Geschäftsdatenanalysen 70.470 BTCs (2,8 Milliarden US-Dollar), die zu einem durchschnittlichen Kaufpreis von 15,964 US-Dollar pro BTC gekauft wurden.