CoinList manages to avoid disaster in the sale of NEAR

CoinList’s second attempt in 24 hours to organize the latest NEAR token sale, caused the exchange to be overwhelmed again by traffic from potential investors.

The final sale of NEAR was originally planned for August 11, however, the token sale was suddenly postponed for 24 hours after investors were left clicking on update and filling captchas for 90 minutes without being able to participate in the offer.

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Although CoinList assured users that the platform would expand to handle the increased traffic, many investors clicked on upgrade again for nearly two hours while waiting to login.

Despite the disastrous performance of the exchange during the sale, NEAR sold 100 million tokens worth nearly $30 million in less than three hours from the start of the sale. However, many aspirants to invest in NEAR were unable to do so, and many blamed technical problems.

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Backtracking of potential investors
CoinList’s Twitter account was invaded by complaints from potential investors who were unable to buy tokens, and the account sent a tweet with its apologies to the community during the last hour:

The sale of the NEAR token was postponed after CoinList was overwhelmed by demand
CoinList said that „the sale was oversaturated“ and that „many participants could have missed it,“ adding that the company is currently „working through an ‚autopsy'“ to „ensure equity.